Disposal of Silent Key Equipment

The disposal of a silent key’s radios and assorted gear can be arduous at times, especially if you had a close relationship with the SK. Then you have the equipment resellers who try to beat prices down as low as possible. They’re in it for the profit, never mind the actual value.

Antennas are always a big job when it comes to selling of the SK’s equipment.  Some antenna farms resemble commercial broadcasting stations. This is a job best left to the experts if you’re not an experienced climber. You also have to be concerned about insurance and the possibility of damaging the structures of the silent key’s residence (or place of business should their former operating position be there).

Here’s short list of items to consider when making out a list of your own radio gear*.

  • Tower / antenna removal
  • Antenna / station grounding
  • QSL card collections
  • Various awards collections
  • Books / magazines / manuals
  • Computers / accessories
  • Software
  • Test equipment
  • Power supplies

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, if nothing else, donate to your club (many of which are tax exempt for your survivors) to be used for new hams or in case of national disasters. See our list of clubs: amateur radio clubs.

*  For a few of the forms available on this web site use this link: Amateur Radio Equipment Evaluations.

This section below is a set of links for checking out prices of gear being sold and traded on the Internet. Along with that is a few links where you can determine whether or not to trust someone when it comes to selling amateur radio equipment.


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The excellent image of the vintage W1UJR Hartley Station used by permission: Bruce Howes, W1UJR