Amateur Radio Clubs

If you ever want to make an impact on our hobby then you might consider donating your gear (antennas included) to a local amateur radio club. You know a great many of these radio clubs are non-profit organizations so your family members could liquidate your gear, help the amateur radio hobby and gain a tax deduction all at the same time.

This list of links will take you to various other pages where you can hopefully find an amateur radio club nearest you. This lists of radio clubs only contains the club names, you will have to search the net or a site lie for more information on them. Some states have a large amount of clubs so the list is broken up on groups of 100 clubs per state. If you’re looking for a particular club you can find it easier by using the search box above.

State specific clubs and links to states by alphabet:

As you will notice in the amateur radio club listings on these pages some appear to be duplicates. What they are is same club with different call signs. If you need to add / delete or modify a club listing just use our contact form on the right-hand sidebar.


Finding contact information on these amateur radio clubs is easy enough. A quick search on any of the callbook style web sites such as will do the trick. If you are an officer of one of these clubs you can update the information on the club using the contact form link available on the right side of menu bar at the top of this page.