A Silent Key

Non-Fiction Book About Silent Keys

I decided the other day to write a short book, non-fiction, about the subject of silent keys and what amateur radio operators can do for their survivors once they become a silent key. While this is a sensitive subject to most hams, it’s a fact of life, as the saying goes: no one gets out alive. As with this web site, this book is meant to be a resource that amateur radio operators can use to establish an inventory of their radio equipment. In turn, this inventory can be used in making up a plan for the disposal of radio gear, including antennas, to be used by a ham’s survivors. Or, in some cases, a representative as suggested by Dino, KL0S who will oversee the liquidation of your amateur radio estate.

If you’ve ever managed or even helped a silent key’s survivors by selling off, or donating at times, a silent key’s radio gear estate, then you know how much work it can be. This can be cut down to a minimum by having both an inventory and game plan in place before there’s an absolute need for it.

So that’s what the book, A Silent Key is all about, helping folks get their radio equipment inventoried so it won’t be such as burden later on. It’s an inexpensive little book, just ninety-nine sense from my Smashwords page. What’s Smashwords? A web site that allows independent authors an outlet where they can publish their eBooks. These eBooks on Smashwords can be read by an assortment of handheld and desktop devices. The book ordering information is below.

A Silent Key
A Silent Key on sale now at Smashwords.com


A Silent Key by Floyd Larck, KK3Q is on sale now at Smashwords.com